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Design Doctrine

Building a website is easy. It's building one that works for your business, ranks well in searches, and doesn't deter potential customers that is the hard part. For a site to meet those demands it requires that certain aspects of the design are planned with precision. At Voilà Technology we pay attention to the following golden rules of design - all of which are equally important - in all of our work.


Studying the traffic on the internet will show that a majority of users connect with a mobile phone and that figure is currently trending upwards (see chart below). Desktop users are close behind but falling away, while tablets account for less than 3% of all traffic.

comparison chart

A good website must not only accommodate all these different devices, but also present itself well on all screen sizes and resolutions - this is called "responsive design". Voilà's websites are carefully crafted to be both attractive and fully functional on all devices.

Fast Loading

Nobody likes waiting around for something to happen, especially on the internet. A page that is slow to load will not only turn visitors away, it will be penalised in search results. Research has found 53% of mobile site visits were abandoned if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load. Recently we came across a local website that takes over 10 seconds to load - a disaster for the site owner! We are very aware of how load times affect customer retention and we use a number of techniques to ensure our websites always load within 1 - 2 seconds.

Good Navigation

Just as getting a good ranking in search results is important to finding new customers, having good site navigation is important to keeping them. Navigation must be consistant on all pages, always visible or easily accessible, and well structured, otherwise the website will lose it's visitors very quickly. Voilà takes great care to make sure your visitors can find their way around your site with a minimum of effort.

User Experience (UX)

Not least among these golden rules is the one that considers the user's overall experience - ideally all users will find the site informative, easy to use, easy to read, well laid out, and nimble, among other things. Achieving this requires an over-arching design philosophy that pays attention to many and varied psychological and physiological needs. One example of this is respecting the user's font-size setting in their browser, allowing them to adjust it for readability, while another is taking the concept of "analysis paralysis" into consideration.

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